Reiki Intro

Bindi’s Intro to Reiki Video

Reiki promotes balancing, cleansing and healing of an individual’s energy by tapping into the universal energy freely available around us. Reiki practitioners learn how to channel this. I have learnt this practice from the renowned practitioner Lisa Powers. The original sensei of Reiki is Mikao Usui.

The video above explains in detail, any questions or concerns you may have. If not, feel free to contact me.

I am currently offering FREE DISTANCE REIKI sessions until July 31st 2020. During this lockdown, it may help to know that a free balancing and cleansing session is just a chat away. Most people come back for follow up sessions and I’m happy to schedule those as well.

  • To express any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me here.
  • To schedule a session with me, please send a request here.

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