Just for today

I will humble and grateful for my many blessings

I will not worry

I will not anger

I will do my work honestly

– Mikao Usui

I will be kind to myself and all others

Let’s heal together.

8 Replies to “Testimonials”

  1. Reiki is an art which only a few can possess and I’m glad that I could have the honour to feel the art you possess for the betterment of my family!! I express my heartfelt gratitude to u for being around and for taking care of the minutest of things to make it happen!! Thank u so much for the help n support offered by u!! Thanks a lot B (Bindi) 😊

    Ravi Malhotra 😊


  2. My father is an aged person who was facing issues like memory loss, reduced appetite and excessive sleep almost all through the day! He didn’t talk to anyone, he used to just keep sitting alone and idle all the time! My family was really concerned and worried about his health. Then I came to know about Reiki therapy and that Ms. Bindi is an expert and has been practising Reiki for long so after all the research we decided to avail her services! She really helped us a lot during the sessions! She took utmost care of the minutest of things… she took care of my father and after her sessions my father is a changed person.. now he talks to us, sits with us, recognises us, his memory has improved, his appetite has improved. We are really thankful to Ms. Bindi for the help n support she has offered to us in our time of need! Reiki is truly an art she possesses and I’m really grateful that I could avail her services! It has really made a difference to my father’s life and our lives too!!


    1. Thanks Ravi! I’ve actually only been practicing for a few months so this experience really helped me deepen my practice. It makes me happy to know that he is benefiting and that your family is relieved now.



  3. I always have been a believer in the transfer of good and healing energy … wether be it if you are in front of a person or if the person is 1000’s of miles away ….

    Bindi did this transfer of energy to not only rapidly heal my busted shoulder and massively reduce a niggling twitch I had in my lower back …. her rekkie sessions also brought me peace and absolute relaxation not only during the session but for hours after ….

    I think she has a natural gift of healing … and … now she is channeling that gift via rekhi .

    The best thing about these sessions were that I noticed that she is effective
    And result oriented…


  4. I had three wonderful seasons with Bindi. I didn’t know what to expect from from remote reiki but the experience was amazing. She is very professional and timely (even a bit early 😊). The sessions gave me a lot of calm and a feeling of peace throughout the day. Helped with some health issue and left me with some beneficial material too.
    I highly recommend Bindi 🙌


  5. Bindi’s reiki sessions were amazing and refreshing! She treated my stomach with distance reiki. I could immediately feel the vibrations in the center of my body. My stomach ended up feeling a lot better and I was rejuvenated after just a few sessions. Very grateful for her!


  6. Dear Bindi,
    My shoulder has improved by sixty percent improved in just three sessions.
    Thank you so much from tue bottom of my heart for caring.
    Keep up the good work.


  7. I just completed my first time trying Reike, not to mention ‘virtually’ in New York City! I wasn’t sure what to expect before the three consecutive sessions. Dealing with chronic sleep issues that often lead to mild depression affecting my mood and focus, I‘m delighted to share now that I feel more at peace and rested after the Reike sessions w/ Bindi. I’m looking forward to learning more about Reike and remainIng to be mindful and open spiritually and otherwise. Many thanks, Bindi. I’m so glad that we reconnected through Reike.


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